zondag 4 december 2011

Differently normal

I always thought that I was normal, and the people around me too. Normal would be:
- look the same as others
- talk like others
- think like others
- act like others
If I met someone who wasn't doing these things, I saw them as weird/strange/different.
Now a couple of weeks ago, a boy from my school told me (and the rest of the people on the whole wide world) that you're only normal, if you accept who you are. Those people who have to live with themselves everyday not thinking about what/who they want (to be), following the crowd and losing their individuality. Is that normal? Is that how life's supposed to look like? I don't think so.
This whole thing really got me thinking, about life and about who I am. Have I accepted myself? Maybe this whole time, I've been calling others strange, while I might be the one who's strange for not having accepted myself yet. Who knows? What I do know, is that from now on I am going to accept myself. I'm going to try to be the person that i've always wanted to be, but never dared show. I hope things turn out well.